4 trade proposals for star players Steelers should consider this upcoming offseason

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Justin Fields is the quarterback to watch for Pittsburgh acquiring via trade

Here we go again with the Justin Fields rumors out of Chicago this offseason. It seems like they could end up keeping him, but passing on some of these top quarterbacks in the draft would be an option tough to pass on. It makes sense why the Bears would be listening to offers as their putrid team tries to reload and try a new avenue.

Someone like Fields just seems like he needs a change of scenery. You can see the flashes of talent that he has with his game. Issue has been the lack of players and coaching around him in Chicago since entering the league. Maybe a jew environment would help him swim, and if not then his career will start to sink.

That is where the Steelers come into play as they have a stability at coaching and will have a new offensive coordinator to work with. Kenny Pickett would still be in Pittsburgh, but it would provide a real option to compete for the top spot. Fields has much more physical traits that the Steelers would love to have at the position that Pickett doesn't have.

Now with all this being said, dont go crazy on the trade offer to get Fields. Anything above a third round pick would be crazy. His fifth year option will need to be decided upon after this upcoming season, and that should drive some of his value down. The Steelers should look into a trade for Fields and make a deal if it is reasonable.

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