4 vital changes Steelers must make to turn their misery around for good

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Most important thing this offseason will be adding a young NFL offensive mind

Maybe the only way of fixing the Steeler's offense is to somehow find a solution at offensive coordinator. It seems like a lost cause for this offense to somehow gain any ground this year. Tomlin would probably love for his interim team to find success and get them a permanent position going forward. That train of thought does not seem like it will work out though.

Fans would be up in arms immediately if another internal hire happened unless the Steelers score 30 or more points to finish out the year. Not that the Steelers care what the fans think, they kept Matt Canada for way too long. There should be plenty of outside candidates who are looking for a coordinator spot during the upcoming hire season.

A couple of names that stick out right now are Byron Leftwich, Klint Kubiak, and Eric Bieniemy just to name a few. All three have been an offensive coordinator at one point in their careers. They have a lot of experience on the offensive side of the ball and should be able to help the Steelers tattered offense turn things around.

There are a ton of other coaches that will be more qualified to take over the offensive coordinator job in Pittsburgh that are external options. Tomlin needs to go outside his organization and get new people in the door who are not afraid to change the traditional offense of Pittsburgh. It is time for the offense to modernize and Tomlin needs to realize that with his next hire.