5 biggest winners (and 5 biggest losers) of Steelers training camp

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Steelers biggest loser: Kendrick Green

It was yet another training camp and preseason to forget for Kendrick Green. The former third-round pick has seemingly tried his hand at every feasible position but has always come up short. His center skills have been poor, he tried to return to his natural position of guard last year and is now back at center.

There was promise early on. Green was taking snaps as the second center in early workouts, but he was quickly phased out for Nate Herbig. He was constantly getting beaten in similar ways that he always has. Games were even worse, as he looked lost at times and was a constant source of frustration.

Then there was a brief glimmer of hope. Green began taking snaps at fullback and didn’t look half bad there. For the first time since his rookie season, fans were in his corner and actually rooting for him. The hope was that, maybe, he could carve out a role as a hybrid fullback and backup center on gameday.

That never materialized as I predicted. Green continued to see snaps at center, and the whole fullback thing seemed more like a distraction than anything else. At this point, his roster odds seem slim, and while a permanent move to fullback may prolong his career, it likely won’t be in Pittsburgh. There was a slight glimmer of hope, but Green seems to have put the final nail in his Steelers coffin.