5 cap casualties that could free up significant money for the Steelers in 2024

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Patrick Peterson didn't do anything great during his first year with the Steelers

There were high expectations for Patrick Peterson coming into the year. Things seemed off even as early as training camp. You constantly heard Peterson getting beat deep in coverage. Many thought it was just practice and didn't take much stock into it. The writing was on the wall and things didn't improve much.

Age is important in the NFL and father time will always get someone at some time. Peterson has been a highly regarded player throughout his career, but his age has become a liability this year. He was signed to a big contract last offseason to be the Steelers top cornerback. That plan has failed, and Peterson's future is up in the air in Pittsburgh.

He has tried his best to stay relevant and worked around the secondary, even playing safety when injuries started to pile up late in the schedule. Peterson improved as the season pushed further, especially when Joey Porter Jr. became a full-time starter. But performance justifies payment, and that has not happened here.

Peterson is a solid veteran presence who could thrive in certain roles, but Pittsburgh would save a little under seven million if they cut Peterson today. It seems like the black and gold could use that money elsewhere. He could return, but it would make more sense to give a younger guy a shot and save some extra cash.