5 QB options that make no sense for the Steelers (and 4 that do)

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1)
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Makes sense for Steelers: Kenny Pickett

At the time of this writing, I am all aboard the Pickett train for 2024. This isn’t because I think he will suddenly be a good quarterback or thrive with this offense. Instead, I am more than willing to sink or swim (and most likely sink) with Pickett at the helm. There isn’t a compelling case available elsewhere.

I have never been a Pickett fan, and while I’m sure the previous offensive regime wasn’t doing him any favors, I also don’t believe he has what it takes to be a good quarterback in this league. Given the investment and lack of other options, Pittsburgh wants to give him one more go, and despite my belief in his ability, I support it.

The best-case scenario is that it truly was Matt Canada, and Pickett suddenly looks like a competent quarterback in this new scheme. No, he won’t be Mahomes, but he can compete with a good team around him. On the flip side, the trend continues and Pickett can officially be labeled a bust after three seasons of bad play.

This will also likely give the Steelers a decent draft pick, which opens the door for a quarterback in 2025. If he works out, I’ll be happy to be humbled and see this team succeed. If he doesn’t, I’m fine having a down season in the hopes of finding a long-term option. Pickett gives the best chance of at least one of those things happening.