5 significant questions for Steelers on the offensive line

The Pittsburgh Steelers made it a point to address the offensive line during the offseason, but here are five significant questions that remain entering 2023.
Steelers, Dan Moore Jr.
Steelers, Dan Moore Jr. / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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2. Will the Steelers look to trade away a guard?

Now that the Steelers are so deep at the offensive guard position, many have wondered if they would consider trading one of their guards away prior to the start of the season. This isn't something that Pittsburgh does often, but it could make sense for them.

There are teams out there who will be looking for help at guard, and the Steelers are four deep. This means that it's possible that either Dotson or Herbig won't even earn a helmet as an active player on game day.

Dotson seems like the most likely trade candidate at the position for obvious reasons. The barrel-chested guard and former fourth-round pick has been in the dog house with the coaching staff in the past, and his personality rubs some people the wrong way. Dotson didn't have a good response to the media when asked about his role in 2023 -- essentially conceding defeat to Isaac Seumalo because Pittsburgh paid him.

Still, Dotson is entering the prime of his career and is still on his rookie contract. After starting all 17 games in 2022, he could offer some value to a desperate team in a trade. This could be better than watching with street clothes on the sidelines. If a trade doesn't happen before the season, the Steelers could still consider shipping a guard away before the deadline -- depending on the health and current state of their offensive line.