5 Steelers who could still be traded following the Kevin Dotson trade to the Rams

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The Steelers are getting closer to the deadline to chop their roster size to the 53-man limit which goes into effect on Tuesday. Plenty of movement has already happened with the team announcing a bunch of cuts well before the deadline. On top of those cuts that have seen players looking for a new home, there has also been a trade that was completed between the Steelers and the LA Rams.

Kevin Dotson was traded to the Rams which gave Pittsburgh an exchange of mid-round picks in the next two drafts. That is quality value for a guy who does not have any position flexibility and would likely have not seen any playing time unless a bunch of injuries occurred. The NFL is very active right now and the black and gold could still look to make trades to add upgrades to their roster.

The Steelers could look to deal their backup punter before roster cuts

Most do not expect a specialist to get traded when you look at the roster construction of this team. Braden Mann has done a good job of pushing Pressley Harvin III during training camp, but he was not able to beat him. Harvin will be the punter for the Steelers in week one and that will make Mann a cut candidate if the club cannot find a trade partner.

A trade requires a dance partner to complete a deal and that is where the unknown about Mann arises. He has a good chunk of NFL experience and was good enough to be on an NFL roster this preseason for the most part. If a club comes calling it would be an easy decision for the Steelers to give him up for next to nothing.