5 Steelers who are likeliest to return to the practice squad after initial cuts

Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Being signed onto the practice squad is never the end goal for players this time of year, but it is a solid backup plan. The Steelers have until Tuesday before four PM to make their final decisions on the final 53-man roster. Not everyone can make the team with the current roster holding 90 players right now. That means 37 players will be released between now and the deadline on Tuesday.

Even though certain players might not make the final roster, there are 16 slots that will need to be filled on Pittsburgh's practice squad. That group will be meant for players who impressed during training camp and the preseason but left some more to be improved upon. Those who sit on the practice squad could always join the roster at some point either this season or beyond if certain injuries occur.

A relatively unknown tackle should be able to stick to the practice squad

There are a couple of interesting options across the offensive line that return on the practice squad. Normally the club likes to keep two or three linemen at different positions to try and fill out the bottom depth spots for this club. The Steelers might have found an offensive tackle that could grow in their system within the next year.

Dylan Cook does not seem ready for the main roster as Pittsburgh gets ready for their big decisions going forward. The black and gold might have found a nice project for their offensive line coach to work with moving forward. He is fresh to the position after being a quarterback in college. The practice squad seems perfect for him.