5 Steelers who are fighting for their football lives in the final preseason game

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It has been a long and bumpy road for some Steelers on the roster. Every year there are some players that are fighting for different things when summer rolls around. They are trying to win different roles, starting spots, or roster spots coming out of training camp. Sometimes a players best is not good enough and these players have a lot of work in front of them.

Everything comes down to this game for these players as they have one final shot to prove to the team that they deserve to stick around. Most of their body of work thus far has been limited leaving people wanting more. These players will need a miracle against the Atlanta Falcons in preseason game three to have a small shot at making this team as they fight for their professional lives.

Kenny Robinson was a nice story while he lasted in Pittsburgh

Despite having a couple of good weeks at camp, Kenny Robinson has not been able to be consistent enough. The local Pittsburgh guy is someone many started to root for as his role unimpededly ramped up with injuries hitting the safety position. Ever since that role increase occurred his promising progress was shown. things have gone haywire.

Robinson has just not looked right ever since that strong string of practices at training camp. He has not been good since then and seemed to regress over the past several weeks since. It would have been nice to of seen Robinson stay consistent enough to challenge some bottom-of-the-roster players at his position. He could revert to a practice squad spot, but don't be shocked if he is gone altogether.