5 Steelers at risk of losing their roster spots from last year

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Steelers seem desperate with Kendrick Green

Kendrick Green is the most recent example of a monumental draft bust for the Steelers. A former third-round pick, he has bounced from center to guard and now back to center so far in his career with little success. While there is hope that he can secure the backup center job, he hasn’t shown any real improvements so far this offseason.

Now, it seems as though the team is desperate to try and figure something out for Green, as he has been taking some snaps at fullback recently. This was an idea that was thrown around as a joke for a while, but the Steelers have been utilizing him there in camp as he continues to battle for center reps.

While I have no issue with a player toying with a different position, Green really needs to be focused on getting better as a center before playing elsewhere. He needs every rep that he can get, as he has failed to show any promise there so far in his career.

On the flip side, maybe this is an indication that Green isn’t going to remain at center as he is just that bad. The team may be cutting bait and throwing anything they can at the wall to see if it sticks. If that is the case though, Green’s best shot is at making the practice squad.

Despite him making the news for an actual positive thing, Green is still very much in trouble when it comes to this roster construction. While his new role could prolong his career, it also seems to be the potential end of his backup center bid. I struggle to see him making the roster as it currently sits.