5 Steelers under the most pressure entering the 2023 season

Steelers, Diontae Johnson
Steelers, Diontae Johnson / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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5. Chris Boswell

The "Wizard of Boz" is entering his 9th season with the Steelers, but is still facing a ton of pressure. Boswell's time in Pittsburgh has seen some extreme highs and some low lows. He's had five seasons where he's made over 90% of his field goals. However, the 2022 season was one of the worst for Boswell.

In 12 games, Boswell only made 71.4% of his field goals. He struggled in the 40-49 yard range, making only 5 of his 10 attempts. He also struggled with a groin injury, which cost him 5 games. Now at 32 years old, Boswell isn't getting any younger and those injuries could be more prevalent.

When you combine Boswell's age and injury history, bad 2022 season, and the importance of kickers in today's NFL, you get a situation where Boswell needs to perform well this season to ensure another season in Pittsburgh.

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There are many Steelers feeling the pressure this season, but the performance of these five, in particular, will determine the success of the 2023 season and these players' future in the Steel City.