5 Steelers who are likeliest to return to the practice squad after initial cuts

Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Keeping a tight end will be on the Steelers to-do list before games start

One of the best groups throughout the preseason process for the Steelers thus far has been at tight end. They will likely carry four players into the season on their final roster with Connor Heyward being a slight exception. He will be playing in a variety of roles for this team that will include tight end, fullback, and running back.

That leaves some talent off the board with the kind of versatility that Heyward has been able to show thus far. He might not play a lot at running back, but that is something he could do if injuries start to pile up. Pat Freiermuth, Darnell Washington, and Zach Gentry all seem like locks to make the roster and that will leave some promising players off the team.

Expect Rodney Williams to not make it through the dreaded final cut-down day. He has been a pleasant surprise during training camp and beyond. He is not a finished product as we sit here today, but there seems to be some untapped potential with his game. He has shown a good overall game but there are issues with the current circumstance of the depth chart.

Gentry is only under contract for this upcoming season, so keeping Williams around on the practice squad might be a smart move by the Steelers. He will have a year to learn and develop behind a strong group at tight end in front of him. It will give him a better chance to grow his game and push for a roster spot around this time next year.