5 Steelers who secured their roster spot following Week 3 of the preseason

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
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The preseason schedule is now finished for the Steelers this season and they will look to cut down their roster by 37 players later Tuesday afternoon to meet the requirements of the NFL. There are a ton of talented football players who will hear their names called to the coach's office and have their dreams of making a roster dashed.

Those that haven't performed well enough will be gone by the time official cuts get sent to league offices in New York. The Steelers have some tough decisions that need to be made but these players were able to secure their spot on the final roster this past Thursday. They have proved that they are worthy of making the final roster in Pittsburgh with the kind of preseason they had.

Anthony McFarland Jr. cemented his roster spot with the Steelers

Not a shocker here as Anthony McFarland Jr. was probably going to make this roster no matter the performance he produced against the Atlanta Falcons. He has been the leading candidate for that third string running back spot since training camp opened. The issue at that spot was no competition was ever present on the team.

After Alfonzo Graham got hurt early in training camp, the Steelers could not replace him with quality players to challenge McFarland. Perhaps McFarland's amazing camp and preseason kept the team from feeling the need to press that competition further. One knock on McFarland right now is his poor decision making as a kick returner, but he is an explosive and quick runner. Just something he needs to clean up moving forward.