Power Moves: 5 key strategies to resurrect the Steelers' offense in 2024

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4. Move on from Matt Canada this offseason and find a worthy successor

It is time to move on from Matt Canada this offseason. The Steelers will close out the season with him as their offensive coordinator, and it seems like they have made up their minds. Canada has gotten a lot of the blame for an ineffective offense during his time with the Steelers. He should get a lot of the blame thrown his way, but he is not the only issue.

Kenny Pickett is another big problem that many have looked past since he is a Pitt product. In reality, Canada should not get extended this offseason, unless a massive change comes in the remaining games this year. This group needs new guidance and a last shot at salvaging Pickett's career might be best with a new playcaller on offense.

It was mentioned earlier that someone like Byron Leftwich could be a potential successor for the Steelers' potential future opening at offensive coordinator. He allegedly wanted to join the club this season, so there are plenty of reasons to believe Leftwich will get some looks. Many other worthy candidates could be brought on board this offseason.

Mike Tomlin needs to hire some innovative guys that could make Pickett comfortable, but also find ways to improve his game. Canada has not been able to find ways to make his offense creative, and that is what the black and gold are missing. They need an offensive mind to replace Canada that will focus on turning this offense into what the NFL is today.