5 trade partners the Steelers should explore for George Pickens in 2024

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5. The Steelers could trade with the Chiefs

Of all the names on this list, I genuinely think that the Chiefs would make the most sense and have the most interest in acquiring Pickens in the offseason. While still one of the premiere teams in the league, their offense has failed to find a lot of production from their receivers. Travis Kelce has been his usual self and Rashee Rice has come along, but the rest of the room has been quiet.

From Skyy Moore failing to find an established role to Kadarius Toney struggling to catch passes, Patrick Mahomes is doing the most with the least right now. The Chiefs will certainly be in the market for another receiver in the offseason, and that is where Pickens could come in.

He would go from one of the league's worst offenses to one of the best, and would likely be slotted in as the primary starter for Kansas City at receiver. Assuming his play remains around where it has been, Pickens will likely be an impact player from the get-go with this move, and playing with an elite quarterback should propel his game.

The Steelers would probably like to see Pickens end up in the NFC if given the choice, but no team in the league makes more sense for Pickens than the Chiefs. He fills a massive hole for their team and his contract won’t be an issue right away, making him affordable. This is a move that makes a lot of sense for both teams on paper.

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The Steelers and Pickens are quickly approaching an impasse. His attitude isn’t worth the talent right now, and if things don’t get better, he could be shown the door. If he is dealt away this offseason, these five landing spots make the most sense.