6 former Pittsburgh Steelers we would like to see return to the team in 2024

There are plenty of former Pittsburgh Steelers who fans would love to see return in Free Agency

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Free Agency shouldn't be a mad house for Josh Dobbs this year

It seems like the whole Josh Dobbs mania was centuries ago by this point. It brought excitement to the Minnesota Vikings after Kirk Cousins went down with a season-ending injury. It's possible that Cousins could be an option of his own to sign with the Steelers during free agency. He would be a massive upgrade over Kenny Pickett.

Dobbs was drafted by Pittsburgh, and they have re-signed him to their team in the past after trading him away. His magical story of being a successful starter in the NFL only lasted a couple of weeks, but it showed that he can be a quality backup. With Rudolph potentially leaving town, the black and gold will be searching for depth options.

Rudolph may re-sign, but even if they bring Rudolph back, Dobbs shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. Both Dobbs and Rudolph have challenged each other before for positioning on the depth chart, but it would be different this time around. Dobbs would be the third-string option with Rudolph and Pickett battling it out for the top gig.

No matter what happens, bringing Dobbs back would be signing him as the third quarterback option on the team. If he becomes second string quarterback, then your team is in a boatload of problems. Bringing him in as that last guy in the room would be a nice get. He has shown that he can win games when called upon and now provides that starting experience that he was missing in Pittsburgh.