6 players with concerningly slow starts at Steelers training camp

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The longest tenured quarterback on this club is struggling in practices

What should you expect from a veteran in the NFL that has been nothing more than a backup throughout his career? That is something that fans need to try and figure out as their longest tenured quarterback on the roster is struggling to start training camp. Mason Rudolph is back with the club and has normally been consistent with his play.

You are not going to get anything exciting from him, but he will keep you in games if he needs to play. Rudolph wanted to try and sign elsewhere this past offseason during free agency, but the Steelers were the only teams interested apparently. He re-signed on another short-term contract that will have him as the third string quarterback.

Sometimes it is ok to struggle in practices even if that means a veteran player has some issues, especially a third string guy. Rudolph is not playing well right now and that could be somewhat concerning as there is no competition on the roster for him. The Steelers are comfortable with him around, but he cannot keep up this string of bad practices.

Almost every day results in a new report of Rudolph turning over the ball or being a part of a poor play. Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky are the top guys at the position, but it's not uncommon for third string signal callers to play in the past with this team. Rudolph needs to get back to his boring play of football and get back to the steady portion of his game.

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