AFC North WR rankings: Where does Steelers Diontae Johnson land?

Diontae Johnson
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In this next part of the AFC North rankings, we'll take a look at the wide receiver position and more specifically the number one wide receiver on each team. This is the third part of this ranking series, joining the quarterback and running back rankings from a few weeks ago.

This was a tough ranking to make because of the talent of each receiver, but I think stats speak for themselves. Without any further ado, which receiver is the cream of the crop in the AFC North?

4. Odell Beckham Jr, Baltimore Ravens

Coming in at the last place spot on this list is new Ravens receiver Odell Beckham Jr. I have Beckham in this spot for a few reasons, but his talent is not one of them. He has five one-thousand-yard seasons in his career. He was an integral part of the Rams team that won the Super Bowl in 2022. He made one of the greatest catches you'll ever see with an amazing one handed grab for the Giants against the Cowboys. So why is he last on this list?

For starters, Beckham hasn't played a game since that Super Bowl because of a torn ACL he sustained in that game. Injuries have been an issue in Beckham's career. He played in four games in 2017, twelve games in 2018, and only seven games in 2020. Add in the fact that he's almost 31 years old and I see a combination I don't like. Age and injury history don't mix well together and I worry that Beckham's games played will continue to be lower than most hope. I also think it'll be tough for him to put up elite numbers in the Ravens offense.

Everyone knows that the Ravens are a rush-heavy offense. They have maybe the greatest rushing quarterback of all time in Lamar Jackson and design their offense around the running game and tight end Mark Andrews. In the last few seasons, wide receivers have struggled to get involved in the offense and haven't put up great numbers.

Even with a new offensive coordinator in Todd Monken, I expect a similar offensive approach and for Beckham to struggle to find his footing in Baltimore. He's a talented receiver, but injury history and the Ravens offensive style has me thinking he won't put up the numbers we're accustomed to seeing from him.