AFC North WR rankings: Where does Steelers Diontae Johnson land?

Diontae Johnson
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2. Amari Cooper, Cleveland Browns

Bringing us into the top 2 on this list is Browns receiver Amari Cooper. Cooper is the definition of consistency, having gone for over 1,000 receiving yards in 6 of his 8 NFL seasons between the Raiders, Cowboys, and Browns. He's never caught fewer than 5 touchdowns in a single season in his career. He's had at least 68 receptions in 7 of his 8 seasons. He's done all that despite changing teams and playing in different offensive systems.

Cooper hasn't put up the crazy numbers that the top receiver on this list has, which is why he drops in at number 2. Cooper has never exceeded 1200 receiving yards in a season and has yet to catch double-digit touchdowns in a single season.

Despite never reaching those crazy highs, Cooper has been a reliable target for many seasons now and will continue to be so for the Browns. The only real concern I have with Cooper is his age, as he turned 29 recently. It may not seem old, but 30 is the magic number for non-quarterback skill position players. If anyone is going to defy that age barrier, it'll be Cooper.

Cooper is a guy that you know exactly what you'll get from him every season. You'll get around 80 receptions for 1100 yards and 7-8 touchdowns. Not insane numbers, but good enought numbers to be a very solid WR1 on most teams. I don't see a way where jumps to number one on this list by the end of the season, but I also think he'll remain in this spot because of his consistency.