Evaluating the talent on the Steelers first edition of their 2023 Practice Squad

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Pittsburgh added some depth at key offensive positions this year

Trying to keep offensive weapons around is not easy and it only gets more difficult when you try to add to your practice squad. The Steelers were able to add three different players to key positional groups right out of the gate. It would seem to make sense for the club to look at more options for some of these positions to add to the current practice squad.

Rodney Williams is a name that stands out as he had a good training camp. Unfortunately for him, the tight end room was crowded and full of talent. It got Zach Gentry off the roster with solid performances by Darnell Washington and Connor Heyward. Williams is a good developmental piece, but don't be shocked if Gentry signs onto the practice squad if he cannot find a roster spot elsewhere.

Greg Bell is the lone running back on the initial practice squad for Pittsburgh. He did not show many quality plays during the preseason process, but he did just enough to garner this spot. This is his second year in the NFL after being undrafted in 2022. He could be replaced if another option that is seen as an upgrade becomes available.

Dez Fitzpatrick is one of the bigger names on the offensive side of the ball when it comes to the practice unit for Pittsburgh. He has shown some good things at receiver and during kick and punt coverage during the preseason. He is a nice depth piece to keep around, especially with the kind of special teams snaps he could provide if needed.