Evaluating the talent on the Steelers first edition of their 2023 Practice Squad

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The black and gold added quality depth at defensive back recently

Four defensive backs have been added to the practice squad thus far. Josiah Scott is the most recent addition as the team announced upon writing this article four new additions to the unit. He is a former fourth round pick three years ago and has been hampered with different injury issues thus far. His lack of size could be an issue moving forward.

Trenton Thompson laid the boom on his hits throughout the preseason and impressed the coaches enough to land on the practice squad. His coverage abilities have been brought into question as most of those big hits happened after allowing his opponent to catch the ball. He is a hard-hitting safety that could be something if he can change that hard hitting style into a special team's contributor.

Luq Barcoo signed with the black and gold after a stellar performance in the XFL. He was not able to replicate that XFL success enough on a consistent basis throughout training camp, but he did enough to make the practice team. Barcoo has some talent, and he just needs to find a way to remain consistent if he sticks around till next year.

Rounding out the practice squad secondary is Anthony Brown, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys. He is a former starter for the Dallas Cowboys but did suffer a season-ending injury last year. He was always the second option there, but he has a good amount of quality starts in the NFL. The Steelers signed a quality depth piece that has a lot of starting experience in the league.