Joey Porter Jr. vs George Pickens at Steelers camp is iron sharpening iron

  • Pickens might be winning the battle, but who will win the war?
  • Competitive toughness will drive these players to be the best

Steelers, Joey Porter Jr.
Steelers, Joey Porter Jr. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

George Pickens has been the talk of the town at Steelers training camp so far, and it's not hard to understand why. During a remarkable rookie season at the age of 21 last year, the former five-star recruit and George product was able to reel in some insane receptions that took the NFL by storm.

It's been one year since Pickens' first training camp. After 'mossing' teammates like Cameron Sutton and Levi Wallace last summer, Pickens has a new cornerback to challenge: Joey Porter Jr.

So far, it's been a slugfest between these two players at Steelers camp (and one that Pickens is winning). Despite incredibly sticky coverage from Porter, Pickens has come down with some miraculous receptions -- including one of the best catches you will ever see on a practice field during one-on-ones. (That's hardly an exaggeration).

But don't automatically assume that this is a matchup that Pickens is always going to dominate. Porter has raised eyebrows early at Steelers training camp, and he will only continue to get better.

Pickens and Porter will make each other better

When it comes to size, length, and traits, George Pickens has just about everything you could look for in a future number-one wide receiver. Likewise, Joey Porter Jr. possesses all the upside to be a future number-one cornerback. Having two young talented building blocks like this who can match up against each other every day in practice isn't a privilege that every team has.

Though Pickens might be getting the best of Porter more often than not, the young cornerback is taking notes. Porter has been impressive in his own right. After recording just one interception in his four seasons at Penn State, the 32nd overall pick has already nabbed 4 picks at Steelers training camp.

Putting in the work isn't the issue with either one of these players. Pickens recently told Steelers Live that he started playing football at 4 years old, and we all know that Porter has football running through his veins. Both of these young players love the game and will work diligently to be the best at their positions.

Just like iron sharpens iron, talented football players will make each other better each day in practice. It's been a scrappy back-and-forth affair between George Pickens and Joey Porter Jr. This is a WR vs CB battle we could see for years to come. These two could be pivotal to the future of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and they are only going to continue to make each other better in time.