Predicting Steelers new starting offense after the first wave of free agency

Here is the new starting lineup for the Steelers offense for this upcoming 2024 season

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With a new-look offense on the horizon for the Steelers, there will be plenty of changes. This offense will look night and day different compared to the offense that Pittsburgh put out on the field last season. Kenny Pickett is gone, and tons of free agents have entered the fold. With the remainder of free agency still on the schedule, there will be more changes to come.

Don't rule out the idea of different rookies from the upcoming draft as potential starters for the black and gold this upcoming season. We know there will be competitions across the offense, but there are also some positions that seem locked in place for now.

The Steelers have brought excitement this offseason thus far, and it will affect the starting offense in Week 1. Here's my early starting lineup prediction for Pittsburgh's offense in 2024.

Russell Wilson will be the starting Quarterback for the Steelers

There is no secret that Pittsburgh had a quarterback issue coming out of last season. Kenny Pickett was benched after Mason Rudolph outplayed him as a starter and got the club to the playoffs. Now that the entire quarterback room is gone from last season, fans should at least recognize the aggressive attempt by the Steelers to try and get better fast.

Starting Quarterback: Russel Wilson

Their first major change in free agency was done by signing Russell Wilson. He didn't join the Steelers to be a backup, and reports have stated he will be the starter. With Justin Fields in the picture, expect him to push the projected starter. We know that Wilson will be the starter to at least begin the year, but he better find success early and often.

If he fails to sustain success as the starter, then expect the conjecture about Fields taking the starting job to explode. They have two players with varying experience as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Wilson should be able to provide quality starts at quarterback and prove to be an upgrade over both Pickett and Rudolph. If that fails, then expect Fields to get some opportunities.