Predicting Steelers new starting offense after the first wave of free agency

Here is the new starting lineup for the Steelers offense for this upcoming 2024 season

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George Pickens and an outside Free Agent will start at Receiver

The receiving core is also retooling this offseason. It has flown under the radar since the massive moves made at quarterback. Plenty of people have forgotten about Diontae Johnson being traded to the Panthers for Donte Jackson and a pick swap. You cannot discount that loss, especially if the Steelers don't find a quality replacement.

Johnson was not a perfect player, and it seemed like he made mistakes at the worst times in games. He was a talented receiver who ran routes as well as most in the NFL. His expiring contract and lack of a team-first approach was the nail in the coffin with the Steelers. It seems like a free agent could still be signed over the coming days and the draft is another option to add a receiver.

Starting Receivers: George Pickens and a Free Agent addition

George Pickens is back and he will be the number one option for certain this time. With Johnson in the fold, Pittsburgh had two top options, which created some discourse. Expect a free agent signing to be the other receiver opposite of Pickens on the outside. Wilson will give them some deep shots this season, and Pickens will benefit most from that.

Names like Tyler Boyd and Mike Williams make a lot of sense. Both can play outside, but Boyd could also slide into a third option role on the inside. Just because they sign a bigger name in free agency doesn't mean they won't draft a receiver in the top round. The position group is loaded with talent and the Steelers love adding to the position through the draft.