A review of Omar Khan's first year as the Steelers GM

Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan
Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Omar Khan / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Khan nailed his first draft for the Steelers

Onto what has earned Khan the most recognition through his first season: the draft process. While the pre-draft process remained mostly the same, Khan did an excellent job of acquiring talent wherever he could. While I will sing his praises, it is also important to note that this draft fell about as perfectly as it could for the new GM.

It started in the first round, as the Steelers made a savvy trade-up and gave up their fourth-round pick for Broderick Jones. The compensation was more than fair, and it ensured the team got the last potentially elite tackle in the class. It was well worth the move up.

The rest of the draft lined up perfectly. Joey Porter Jr., a legitimate contender for the pick in the first round, was drafted with the Claypool pick. Pittsburgh added more beef to their trenches with the Keeanu Benton pick in the later portion of the second round.

Lacking day three picks, the Steelers moved back a few spots in the third round to re-acquire a fourth-round pick. This was a surprise, as the team rarely traded back under Colbert. It was also a fruitful move, as the team acquired Nick Herbig in the fourth as well as Darnell Washington in the move back. Add in Corey Trice and Spencer Anderson and you have a well-rounded draft class.

My biggest complaint was that the undrafted free agent process was a lackluster one. It was the same bland procedure, not promising a lot of money and in turn, getting lackluster prospects. This was evident, as none of the undrafted rookies made the team, and two seemingly retired from the league instead of even attempting to make the team. All in all, though, it was a great draft season for the Steelers.