Steelers could shockingly cut these four players during the summer

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph (2)
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Levi Wallace isn’t locked into a role with the Steelers

While I do believe some fans unfairly lump in Levi Wallace as a bad player, his roster spot isn’t as secure as I thought it would be heading into the offseason. Despite a fine season (especially considering the money he is getting paid), some seem to lump him in with the likes of former Steelers player Ahkello Witherspoon.

While Wallace is a fine second or third option, he may see his role quickly diminish this season. Joey Porter Jr. will likely see the field sooner than later, and if he catches on quickly, it could push Wallace into the third role. He had a few slot snaps last season, but he doesn’t profile well there.

I would be fine paying Wallace the money he is owed as a third cornerback, but there isn’t a guarantee he makes it there either. James Pierre is back again this season, and he flashed as the third cornerback last year. Cory Trice has a lot of good tape, and if he puts everything together quickly, he could jump Wallace as well.

The issue becomes this: if Wallace isn’t playing defensive snaps, he isn’t worth keeping on the roster. He isn't much of a special teams player at this point, so he needs to have some sort of a defensive role to justify his roster spot.

Of all the names on this list, I think Wallace has the best chance to stick on the roster. That said if he is quickly worked down the depth chart, he could become a cap casualty. He needs to hold off some younger competition in order to make this roster, and his spot certainly isn’t written in stone yet.