Steelers could sign these XFL Championship participants before training camp

Tyler Vaughns, Steelers
Tyler Vaughns, Steelers / Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports
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The XFL season is finally over as the league made a successful turnover since their previous installment. That saw the league fold again for a second time, but the Covid pandemic could be seen as a contributor to that fall from grace in 2020. New ownership of the XFL was at hand this time around and things seem to be moving in a positive direction.

Obviously, this product was not at the same level as the NFL, nor will it ever be. This league does provide an opportunity for those players that have missed out on NFL opportunities or fell out of favor with the professional ranks. There are plenty of quality players from the XFL that are getting signed, but the current free agents from the championship game are free to sign anywhere.

Steelers could make a bold move and sign an XFL punter soon

One position that does not seem to need more players is punter. Both Pressley Harvin III and Braden Mann are on the roster to battle for the top spot at the position. Neither of those two options are going to wow anyone with their kicking abilities.

Some of these smaller leagues like the XFL and the USFL could provide great shots at getting to the NFL, especially for specialists. Both punters and kickers should get prime chances to challenge for starting jobs in the highest league in the world for the sport of football.

Perhaps one of the biggest personalities from this past season for the league was Marquette King. He would be a nice infusion of character into the locker room. King has a good chunk of NFL experience as well, which should make his push for the starting job less rocky. Signing King would kick out either Mann or Harvin off the 90-man roster.