Steelers could target these star UFL wide receivers ahead of training camp

The Steelers could target some UFL wide receivers to bolster their roster heading into UFL championship weekend.
Birmingham Stallions v Michigan Panthers
Birmingham Stallions v Michigan Panthers / Rey Del Rio/UFL/GettyImages

Another year of having a spring football league as the UFL aims to complete its first full season this weekend. The matchup will feature the Birmingham Stallions against the San Antonio Brahmas. The Stallions are the favorites going into this game, as the Brahmas are seen as the underdogs.

The championship game will be held this Sunday at 5 P.M. EST on Fox.

One thing is for sure, the NFL will have their eyes set on watching this game. Seeing how players play in the most important game is a nice litmus test for the next level. These players have been putting their blood, sweat, and tears into this season. It could get them another shot at the NFL level this upcoming training camp.

The Steelers have added players from spring leagues before, and they still need help at wide receiver.

With the current mold of the Steelers receiving core, don't be shocked if they add more quantity to their room before training camp. Signing someone from the UFL could be a good option. These players will be highly conditioned by the time camp rolls around. They have also proven that they can produce at a high level against decent competition.

Jontre Kirkland could keep a similar color scheme after the UFL

Perhaps no one should be higher on the list of UFL targets this year than Jontre Kirkland.

He had a terrific season and was a catalyst for the Brahmas all season. He was able to help a stale offense get moving again. They were built around their run game, but Kirkland was able to take advantage of opposing defenses' game planning. He was at the top for most categories as a wide receiver in the UFL. He seems primed for plenty of offers after the championship game.

The Steelers should be calling Kirkland as he proved to be a reliable top option in the UFL this year.

Some background on Kirkland. He was an undrafted free agent in 2022 coming out of LSU. He has had a couple of cups of coffee with teams throughout the preseason process and landed ranging stints on the Saints and Cardinals practice squads since coming into the NFL. He has participated in spring leagues before and should get another NFL shot this time around.

Marcus Simms would provide snaps at wide receiver and special teams

Compared to the others on this list, Marcus Simms put up some of the most eye-popping numbers this year.

Unlike those mentioned here, Simms barely held onto the top ten stats in the receiving categories for the UFL. You might not find that impressive, but when you look closer, you see a player who did a lot with the little he was given. Simms was targeted much less than others listed in this article. He made massive plays when he got the ball in his hands.

Pittsburgh could see Simms as both an option at wide receiver and special teams. He showed that he can provide snaps as a kickoff returner, which is a big help since the NFL is including the UFL rules this season. He has decent size and is a West Virginia product, which means the Steelers should be familiar with his game.

The Steelers could sign a short gadget guy like Justin Hall

Signing Justin Hall to the roster would be adding a short option at wide receiver.

Despite his size being around 5'8, Hall was able to produce high numbers in the UFL this season. He is a short and shifty receiver who is not afraid to make some noise when called upon. There are plenty of things to like about his game. He showed that he can be an effective receiver, but also provided help as a returner via kickoffs and punts.

Versatility is important and Hall has been able to show that during his time in the UFL. He should get a shot in the NFL this upcoming training camp despite his size concern. This wide receiver comes from Ball State, which is in the MAC. Mike Tomlin loves that collegiate conference, so that might bode well for someone like Hall looking for a shot with the Steelers.

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