Steelers could target UFL MVP frontrunner to push for QB3 spot

A UFL MVP frontrunner at QB could be a perfect addition for the Steelers. They could use another guy to fit Pittsburgh's system perfectly.
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For those of you who don't know, football is still ongoing as the spring league tries to get their players NFL shots.

The spring league known as the United Football League (UFL) has been going through its first season. It combined the XFL and USFL from last year into one combined league. Overall, it has been a success as certain players have been able to gain NFL interest. The Steelers have signed players from these spring leagues in the past and could again.

Why not target the potential UFL MVP?

Adrain Maritnez could provide a boost for the Steelers from the UFL

Adrian Martinez might have had the strongest season across the entire UFL. He wasn't able to produce godly numbers in the air, but he was able to create a lot of plays with his legs. That is something to keep in mind when you look at what the Steelers are looking for. They want mobile quarterbacks who can also dispatch the ball through the air.

He is not the same as Justin Fields, but Martinez is a guy who could be considered a similar player in some respects. Both had different career paths, but Martinez can bring a lot of the same things that Fields will be bringing to Pittsburgh. Especially if the black and gold use Fields in more of a gadget type of player on offense.

Kyle Allen is the third-string quarterback right now, but he doesn't bring the same element to the position.

Arthur Smith wants a player who isn't afraid to use their legs to continue the play when needed. Both Russell Wilson and Fields would provide that. Someone like Allen hasn't proven himself much as a runner throughout his career. If the Steelers want three potential options for that, then Marinez could be perfect for training camp.

How many cooks do the Steelers allow in the kitchen this preseason?

Only time will tell how many quarterbacks the team wants on the roster come training camp, but they normally have four. Maybe with a full transition at the position from last offseason, they might go with another extra arm. If Martinez wins MVP of the UFL, his name will become popular around the NFL as a potential option to push for a roster spot.

Martinez would be a better fit than Allen in the Steeler's new offense.

There are only so many snaps to go around at training camp, but bringing in Martinez would be a nice get. He has proven that he can be a playmaker both with his arm and legs during the UFL season. His coming to camp would provide for some legitimate competition between him and Allen. You can throw John Rhys Plumlee in that conversation too as he can move his feet.

Adding someone like Martinez would make snap distribution difficult, but it would provide Allen with an option to push him for his roster spot. A former league MVP of the UFL would only strengthen a roster. From there, Martinez would need to prove he can play in the NFL.

Just a sidenote, the Steelers held a tryout with Martinez back in late December. He is on their radar.

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