Steelers top UFL targets halfway through the spring football season

The Steelers could look at some of these UFL players in Free Agency to help boost their team.
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It has now been a while since the UFL kicked off their season. They have played halfway through their schedule by the time this article was written. Some players are starting to live up to their hype while others are struggling. With the 2024 NFL Draft now completed, each team in the league will try and find unique ways to improve their rosters heading into training camp.

This is not to say all the names listed in this article will get a shot with the Steelers, but they could be interesting names to keep on your radar. The UFL is a league that produces a second shot for many players who flunked out of the NFL recently.

We know Pittsburgh has signed guys from these spring leagues before, so don't be shocked if they do it again.

A.J. McCarron would be a prefect option in case an injury happens

Pittsburgh likes to go into training camp with four quarterbacks, and they already have that. Signing someone like A.J. McCarron in free agency would result in an injury to any of the top three guys currently on the roster. McCarron is someone who has become a cover athlete for the UFL and the spring leagues. He would be a reliable third guy in a room with Russell Wilson and Justin Fields in front of him in case Kyle Allen were to get injured.

The Steelers could look to sign a safety like Kai Nacua after the season

We know the black and gold love NFL bloodlines. They could return to that well in free agency once the UFL season concludes by signing Kai Nacua. He is the brother of star Rams receiver Puka Nacua. Kai is having a great season with the Michigan Panthers and has started to stand out as one of the best defensive players in the league. He has prior experience on special teams and could be an interesting option for the Steelers to sign.

Pittsburgh could circle back to signing Hakeem Butler in free agency

Sometimes signing someone in free agency just doesn't work out. Pittsburgh added Hakeem Butler early into the preseason process last year, but he just wasn't able to build off his spring league success in training camp. The Steelers cut him, and Butler returned to the newly rebranded UFL. Butler is having another monster season and could be another option to fill out the receiver room.

Corn Elder could provide some NFL experience to slot cornerback

Slot cornerback remains a concern for the Steelers, and it seems like they have to sign someone in free agency at some point. Maybe they will add a UFL member with prior experience in the NFL like Corn Elder. He has been enjoying a great season with the Houston Roughnecks. He has a ton of slot experience and could be a small signing by the black and gold who pays off with a roster spot.

Few players in the UFL have had a better season than Marcus Simms

You can see the positions where the Steelers need to add value like cornerback and wide receiver. You would like better upgrades than UFL talent, but they could find some diamonds in the rough. Marcus Simms could be one of those people. He is second in receiving yards and leads the UFL in receiving touchdowns after five weeks. Simms played at West Virginia, so there should already be some familiarity between the team and the player.

Lorenzo Burns could be another option for the Steelers to sign

After some stints in the NFL, Lorenzo Burns went to the Birmingham Stallions to try and get his career back on track. He won back-to-back championships with the team and signed with the Browns last year. He stuck on their practice squad for a little before being let go. He has good size and has been one of the best cornerbacks in the UFL this season. He could be a nice get for the Steelers to push for one of the last roster spots up for grabs.

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