Steelers could target trade for Texans wide receiver to bolster their offense

The Steelers could target a potential receiver from the Texans via trade sometime this preseason.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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It seems like every week you read another rumor about the Steelers regarding any potential receiver option out there.

It is no secret that the black and gold want to provide another upgrade at receiver, more specifically at one of their starting spots. We will see if they prefer Roman Wilson in the slot or on the outside during training camp. Depending on where they slot him in, the other starting spot needs an upgrade.

Houston, the Texans may have a problem at wide receiver!

Sometimes there are great problems to have, and the Texans seem to have a stockpile of quality receivers right now. We will see how the preseason process plays out, but there will be players that become available via trade. The Steelers could target the Texans for a trade to try and upgrade one of their starting receiver spots before the regular season starts.

John Metchie III could see his role shrink with the Texans

It has been a tough start to John Metchie III's career thus far.

He tore his ACL right before the NFL Draft process which caused him to slip out of the first round. He then was diagnosed with cancer before his rookie season even began. It caused him to miss his rookie campaign. Metchie did return last season, but he didn't get many snaps.

Untapped potential is the name of the game with Metchie. He was dominant during his career at Alabama and is a former second-round pick from two years ago. The Steelers should show trade interest as they could buy low on someone like him and provide another deep-threat option on a roster that is missing those attributes.

The Steelers could target a veteran like Robert Woods via trade

Robert Woods could be a veteran presence to pop up on the Texans trade block.

He hasn't had over 1,000 receiving yards in a season for over four seasons now. His best playing days are behind him. He can still provide quality snaps both on the outside and in the slot if needed. His leadership is something that could attract the Steelers if he became available. He might not pose giant numbers, but he can still get you quality production as a starter.

Woods could be the shocker of the preseason to become available. He has done a lot for the Texans, but he cost more than Metchie and Noah Brown. If he loses his starting spot to Metchie and or Brown, then it would make a lot of sense for the Texans to make him available via trade. The Steelers need more experience at receiver and Woods would provide that.

Both the Texans and Steelers could complete a trade with Noah Brown

Even though Brown just re-signed with the Texans this offseason, he could still be shipped out of town. There are too many cooks in the kitchen, and Houston might need to offload one of these starting-caliber receivers in a trade to make everyone happy. Brown just re-signed, but it was a one-year deal that could entice other teams.

The Steelers could come calling if they find Roman Wilson is better on the outside.

Brown is mostly a slot receiver and has proven to be a quality option in that role. He might not dominate as other options, but he is a serviceable player. He is coming off his best two seasons in the NFL and should be able to continue that trend this season. If he flops with the Steelers, then they can let him walk in free agency next year.

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