Steelers have surprisingly kept these players around to try to make the final roster

Gunner Olszewski, Steelers
Gunner Olszewski, Steelers / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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It makes little sense for the Steelers to keep around this offensive lineman

As stated earlier in the article, bringing fresh faces into the trenches on this roster is something this front office targeted throughout the offseason. They added a handful of new players to the Steelers through free agency and the draft. They were able to add a left tackle and three interior offensive linemen that should be upgrades for their projected roles on this club.

Some could question if Kevin Dotson will see a missing roster spot when final cuts come in, but the team should only consider parting with him if a trade offer rolls around. It would likely not take much to move Dotson from the Steelers, so if a trade was made expect a similar caliber player to come back or a late round pick. Keeping an experienced starter as a backup would be a better decision than trading or releasing him.

Another interior offensive lineman that makes a lot of sense to cut bait with is Kendrick Green. Perhaps the most obvious choice out there right now unless he can somehow have a great training camp portion of the pre-season. He does possess center and guard flexibility, which is a plus, but he has been a draft bust and will likely be gone sooner rather than later.