Steelers offseason in memoriam to all those who departed from the roster in 2024

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost a lot of players this past offseason. We remember those who are no longer with the team in this memoriam.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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For those of you not familiar with this satire article, we look back at all the Steelers who departed the team this offseason. Some of the names listed below are still free agents, so they may return to the team. As of now, they are still away from Pittsburgh, and therefore they count for this article of remembrance.

It is all in good fun just to crack some jokes and some good times that resulted from these players. Some of them provided plenty of great memories, while others either didn't provide any or caused an ulcer for fans. The Steelers have made a ton of changes this past offseason, so we only included some of the most notable names that have departed or remain gone from the team.

Diontae Johnson can no longer infuriate fans with his drops

We remember perhaps one of the most infuriating players in recent Steelers history. Diontae Johnson brought a ton of talent and drops to the field for the black and gold. He was the top receiver for the team during an odd transition period. He wants a new contract and that caused the Steelers to send him to a terrible place known as Carolina.

He might still get stats, but he will also do a ton of losing with the Panthers. Johnson had to go after a couple of plays this past season which made him seem like a bad influence in the locker room. This memoriam will always be spotlighted by Johnson and the numerous big-time drops he failed at as a receiver. Hold onto those balls in Carolina Mr. Johnson, and you might be great. Also, run forward not backward.

Levi Wallace cannot hurt Steelers Nation anymore in coverage

There are tons of speed jokes here that we could do, but Levi Wallace would take a while to catch on. What can you say about Wallace in this memoriam? He was slow and every team that played Pittsburgh knew it. He was picked to stick with the Steelers over Ahkello Witherspoon last offseason, and that was like picking which trash can you want to take to the curb first.

Wallace started a ton of games during his time in the black and gold, but he also got burnt more than toast being cooked by a two-year-old. Fans will not miss Wallace as he signed with the Denver Broncos. For Denver's sake, they better hope his conditioning is great as the thin air will only slow down this already sluggish cornerback.

In memoriam, Mitch Trubisky failed before he had a chance in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh signed Mitch Trubisky to be a bridge quarterback after Ben Roethlisberger retired, but his job was in question almost right after he joined. Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph proved to be better options as a starter, especially after Trubisky took too many risks. He made a stale offense into a turnover machine.

In this memoriam, we remember the great half Trubisky played to beat the Tom Brady-led Buccaneers. It was the highlight of his time with the Steelers. The coaches never wanted him as the guy for an entire season. Trubisky never wanted to throw a deep ball that wasn't worthy of an interception this past year. It was a marriage that didn't work out. Enjoy your backup role for the rest of your career Mitch, you deserve it.

Keanu Neal was a failed experiment the Steelers couldn't resolve

At this point in his career, Keanu Neal is who he is. He is not going to be great, but he can provide some decent snaps when needed. Not too many bad things to say about Neal in this memoriam piece. He was only in Pittsburgh for a year before getting cut. At least he saved them some cap space to go out and sign his replacement.

Neal just wasn't able to stay healthy. He was out of the lineup often last season, and that was a worry when the Steelers signed him. They wanted him, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Damontae Kazee to be a three-headed tandem at safety. Injuries and suspensions derailed those plans and that caused Neal to lose his job and look for employment elsewhere.

We will never forget Mason Rudolph's magical run to the playoffs

It seemed like a thing that would never end when you saw Mason Rudolph not dressed for NFL games on the sideline. He was initially drafted to take Ben Roethlisberger's spot after he retired. Plans changed fast and Rudolph went from a potential successor to a third-string backup. The Steelers did him no favors, and teams around the NFL didn't show much interest until this offseason.

He moves on to the music city after signing with the Tennessee Titans. Maybe he will find his way back to a starting role there if things begin to unfold in the town that produces music. Rudolph might be able to make some hits if he gets the start. Rudolph led the Steeler's sleigh around Christmas time to victory a couple of times, so maybe he could do that again in Tennessee.

Pittsburgh will try and get rid of Pressley Harvin III from their memory

It has become more frequent that specialists get drafted. In the past, that was almost unheard of. It seems like every time the Steelers draft someone, especially recently at either kicker, punter, or long snapper, it fails. There has not been a quality punter for the black and gold for a long time now, and Pressley Harvin III is added to that list.

He seemed like an interesting character when the Steelers took him in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Unfortunately for both parties, Harvin failed to remember how to punt a football in different climates. Countless shanks and misses in the punt game led to a tired defense for Pittsburgh backed up. Harvin won't be missed on the field but let's hope they can break their trend of bad punters.

Allen Robinson II was a failed experiment by the Steelers last season

It is hard to label the trade for Allen Robinson II as a failure as the Steelers got him for almost free last year. While we are at it, what happened to this former star receiver? He used to be a top-ten receiver in the NFL five years ago. He fell off a cliff in recent years and it seems like he might struggle to make a roster this upcoming season.

He signed with the New York Giants, which is where careers seem to die anymore. He will be a leader figure in a room of young receivers. The Steelers paid little to get Robinson last year, so the gamble was worth taking. No one thought he would become just a blocker with a big name attached to him. Robinson failed to adapt to his slot role and lost playing time because of it.

Not enough bang for the buck led to Mason Cole being shown the door

Many had a sigh of relief when the Steelers signed Mason Cole a couple of years ago in free agency. He was expected to be an upgrade over Kendrick Green at the starting center spot. No one thought Cole would get to a Pro Bowl level, but he surely didn't even get close. Green was terrible, but Cole wasn't much better in Pittsburgh.

Cole was signed to be a starting center for the black and gold, but he miss-snapped the ball so much you would have thought he never played the position. Having him on the roster only prolonged the problem at center, which the team had to address again in the draft. He was a great locker room guy, but what matters most is what you produce on the field.

In memoriam, Patrick Peterson saw Father Time catch up to him

Maybe it is the end of the line for Patrick Peterson as he remains a free agent upon writing this article. There is a rumor still out there that the Steelers could bring him back to serve in a slot role position. We will see what happens there, but still, this is his in memoriam as the old veteran defensive back seems to be slowing down for good.

Everyone knows that Father Time is undefeated, but it seems like Peterson refuses to admit that. He lost a step or two this past season as he routinely showed that he cannot compete with fast receivers in the NFL. He remains a smart player so that could result in another short-term deal for him, but don't have him on the outside trying to cover a lot of ground.

Kenny Pickett was who everyone thought he was besides Pittsburgh

In memoriam, Kenny Pickett was who everyone outside of Pittsburgh thought he was, and we let him off the hook! He did seem great during his final year at the University of Pittsburgh. Make no mistake, he fooled most in this city. Some called out some concerns, including his small hands, but things started to unravel quickly this past season.

He showed promise during his starts to close out his rookie campaign, but he showed his true colors this past year. Pickett couldn't stay healthy and produced fewer touchdown passes last year than most backups. He was a failed first-round pick and someone the team felt forced to find competition for. He hated that idea and was traded a day later. Pickett was a draft bust with the Steelers and things don't seem great for him over in Philly either.

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