Steelers offseason positional primer: Running back options for 2024

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What I would do at RB for Steelers

Frankly, there aren’t any major moves this team has to make at the running back position this offseason. While I would like to see a more defined third option that can relieve the co-starters, that name isn’t going to move the needle much. More than likely, it is a lowly rookie or cheap veteran who occupies that role.

I will say that I will have my eye on Allen as a midround pick. He is expected to be one of the best athletes at running back with the ability to play the power game and burst off big gains. Fumbles are an issue and will likely keep him down in the draft, but he could be a freak to look to add.

I will say that I’m not overly keen on giving Harris his fifth-year option. I haven’t been impressed with him as a whole and think that locking up money in a declining asset like a running back is a bad choice. That said, his fifth-year option shouldn’t break the bank, so I could be convinced to give him an extra year.

What I am doing is trying to get Warren a new deal. I think you can get him locked up on a moderate deal for a good price. He gives you the flexibility to move on from Harris if that price is too much, or you ink both to fair deals and continue to have a strong one-two punch. This is my main goal for the position in 2024.

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While not in need of an influx of talent, there are some concerns with the running back position to address. For starters, I’m looking to add a capable third back with some speed. From there, getting Warren a new deal seems like a slam dunk to me.