Steelers are out of luck when it comes to WR help (and that's okay)

Pittsburgh is unlikely to find a major wide receiver upgrade at this point, but they will survive without a high-end WR2.
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The Steelers have been a popular destination for mock trades for disgruntled veteran wide receivers, thanks in part to their need at the position, and also to Omar Khan's willingness to be aggressive with his roster moves.

While several wide receivers still could be moved via trade, now that the draft is over, it appears increasingly less likely that those players will be moved. As a result, the Steelers may be forced to wait until training camp to improve the position, if they do so at all.

Star wide receivers are likely staying put

The Steelers have been linked to numerous big-name veteran wide receivers, such as Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Courtland Sutton, and DK Metcalf.

While many still believe Samuel or Aiyuk could be moved, after the 49ers selected Ricky Pearsall in the first round of the NFL Draft, as the days go by it becomes increasingly less likely that either of the two is moved. San Francisco is a win-now team, moving one of these two after the draft for an asset that won't help them win this year is extremely unlikely. Instead, the team will likely run it back with their current roster, and potentially revisit a trade come the offseason.

In Sutton's case, he appears to be the most realistic option; however, even he may not make much sense. While he is asking for a new contract, Denver doesn't have much at the wide receiver position outside of rookie Troy Franklin. With their new rookie quarterback, Bo Nix expected to be the starting quarterback for Sean Payton, trading away one of his only weapons seems like a disservice to the rookie, and one that will make his path to success extremely difficult. While they could move him at the trade deadline, I would be surprised if he was moved at this point.

As for other options for the Steelers, there is not much left to be desired. DK Metcalf was never realistic as trading him makes zero sense for the Seattle Seahawks. And on the free agent front, all the big names have been gobbled up, as Tyler Boyd, Odell Beckham Jr., Curtis Samuel, Calvin Ridley, Gabe Davis, and many more have all found new homes.

What's next for the Steelers at wide receiver?

Clearly, there isn't much available for Pittsburgh right now at the position, and they shouldn't make a move for the sake of making a move. As things stand currently there appear to be two realistic options for the Steelers at the position for this season.

Their first option is to wait until training camp or the preseason when there may be some new options that the team finds intriguing. By the end of this time, numerous players will become cap casualties, and others will become available on the trade block.

While these may not be the sexy addition, like the names that the team has previously been linked to, that is not to say they couldn't be a valuable addition. Every year some players become roster bubble players that most wouldn't expect and that should be the same this year. If the Steelers are to add a veteran wide receiver, that would be the time to do it.

The second option is to just stick with the current roster as is. While this may be unpopular among fans, I think this may be pretty likely. I'm sure Khan will inquire about any players who go on the trade block at the end of the preseason, but if he doesn't like the price he won't force anything.

The team added Roman Wilson in the NFL Draft and while there is on paper a need for another outside receiver, the Steelers may not view it as nearly as big of a need as fans do. After all, this will be a run-heavy offense, with lots of two-tight end sets, so the Steelers may decide to rotate players like Wilson, Calvin Austin, and Van Jefferson.

Ultimately, the Steelers offense won't be reliant on their No. 2 wide receiver, as evidenced by past Arthur Smith offenses. So, while I think the team will add another player at the position with size, I don't believe it will be a super flashy addition, and it will likely not happen until shortly before the season when the cost is super low.