Steelers shocking cap casualties who are sticking on the roster this offseason

Kevin Dotson, Steelers
Kevin Dotson, Steelers / Eakin Howard/GettyImages
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Depth on the offensive line has been addressed in free agency and these players are expendable

Perhaps the biggest story of the offseason has been the aggressiveness shown by Pittsburgh when it comes to their desire to improve the offensive line. Isaac Seumalo and Nate Herbig were two big additions in free agency to fill the starting spot at left guard and an important depth piece for the interior of the offensive line. Those upgrades have only provided for the former starter to slide into a better-depth role for the time being.

It would make a lot of sense to keep Kevin Dotson on this team for 2023. He has a lot of starting experience and does not have the highest cap hit this year. He would be a solid piece to have battle with Herbig for the primary backup duties at both guard spots come training camp. It sounds like the coaching staff has not seen what they wished from Dotson since he was drafted, and he could see the boot.

Kendrick Green has not worked out since being drafted in the third round just a couple of years ago. He did not play last season and he should not make the team over Dotson or anyone else unless he miraculously makes a major jump this year. Green will likely make it to camp, but he has been so bad that he could save the Steelers a little under a million bucks if they cut him for June first. Cutting or trading both him and Dotson would free up roughly three and a half million in cap space.

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