Steelers undrafted free agents who have the best shot at making the team

Some of the Steelers undrafted free agents will have a better opportunity to make the 53-man roster than some others coming out of the draft.
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As of now, there are only six undrafted free agents who have been signed by the Steelers after the draft. That will likely change between now and the start of training camp. Other undrafted players have been invited to mini-camp to try out for the team. We will not include those players in this article, as it could create a lengthy report.

Those who make it past mini-camp and get signed to a deal could become options to make the roster. We will focus on the six who have reportedly signed an undrafted deal with the black and gold. It is a light class, but some of these options could have an opportunity to make the team. It will take beating the odds, but there is a clear path ahead of them to succeed.

Treylen Brown won't be able to make the Steelers 53-man roster

He is coming out of a small program at Jacksonville State. Treylon Brown has been a starter there for a couple of years. Most of his snaps have been at center, but he has played guard before. He has decent size, but him playing at that level of college football could be an issue for him. If Brown can find a way to compete for a depth spot along the interior of the offensive line, then he could find his way on the practice squad.

Daijun Edwards could shock many and make the practice squad

Not often anymore that you see Georgia Bulldogs as undrafted free agents. Daijun Edwards is an interesting name as the Steelers failed to add to the running back position during the draft. Edwards was able to carve out a bigger role at Georgia over the past two seasons and started to produce. He could sneak onto the team if he can solidify himself as the third running back on the roster. A more realistic outcome will be him landing on the practice squad.

The Steelers are light on edge rushers, but Julius Welschof will struggle

He started off his collegiate career at Michigan before transferring to Charlotte this past year. Julius Welschof failed to get much playing time throughout his college career. For one reason or another, he wasn't able to find ways to stay on the field. The Steelers signed Welschof as an undrafted free agent for one reason, athleticism. He is a great athlete who could maybe start on special teams. That is the only shot he has to make a good impression in Pittsburgh.

Beanie Bishop could make the roster as an undrafted free agent

One of the more likely undrafted free-agent options to make the team is none other than Beanie Bishop. He just spent his final year of college football at West Virginia. Before that, he played at Western Kentucky and Minnesota. He is a cornerback with a small frame entering the NFL. He will need to show that he can play in the slot at the next level, as it's unlikely he would survive on the outside. He also has experience on special teams, so that boosts his chances.

John Rhys Plumlee poses the only threat at quarterback from the draft

We finally get to the headliner of this year's undrafted class for the Steelers. They revamped their quarterback room, and odds are Russell Wilson, Justin Fields, and Kyle Allen will be their group. There is an oddball chance where John Rhys Plumlee somehow shocks everyone and pushes Allen for that last roster spot. It is unlikely that he will make the team, but if Plumlee can become a version of Taysom Hill, then his chances of making the roster will jump up.

Someone like Mark Robinson could be in jeopardy from Jacoby Windmon

It will be interesting to see if Mark Robinson takes a roster spot or if he gets it ripped away from someone like Jacoby Windmon. This undrafted free agent would have been in the draft conversation if he played more games this past season. He started off his career in Las Vegas before transferring to Michigan State in his last two years. Windmon had a quality campaign in 2021 and 2022 but couldn't stay on the field this past year. If he can show up on special teams, then he could sneak onto the roster.

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