Steelers way-too-early 2024 7-round mock draft as training camp ramps up

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Depth spots get filled in the middle rounds of the draft for Pittsburgh

Blake Fisher. 4. . Offensive tackle. Notre Dame. Blake Fisher. 55. Blake Fisher. . player

Blake Fisher is the fourth-round selection here in this mock draft as his size is unteachable. Many scouts will like what he can do for a big guy and might even envision him as a guard at the next level. With Kevin Dotson's future currently in question on the Steelers, adding some depth in the middle of the offensive line is a good idea.

Another question mark is what the future of Chuks Okorafor might be, especially if Broderick Jones starts at left tackle and Dan Moore Jr. starts on the right side. That could make Okorafor and his cap hit on the way out. That would make Fisher the immediate swing tackle on this team to start and he could potentially swing inside to guard if he cannot handle the tackle spot.

player. 55. Fentrell Cypress II. . Cornerback. Florida State. Fentrell Cypress II. Fentrell Cypress II. . 5

Pittsburgh will try their best to find a solution at their slot cornerback role throughout this upcoming season. It is possible that there are no quality options on this team, but there could be an answer when the draft rolls around. Fentrell Cypress II gets the pick here as he could fit the mold of a slot corner on this defense.

One of the best traits about this corner is his ability to blitz off the edge in certain situations. He might not be Mike Hilton, but he could come into training camp next year and show some skills that might impress the coaches. Cypress is not a finished product and has a lot of things that need fine-tuned, but he could be an interesting option in the slot.