Mike Mayock 2015 Mock Draft: Steelers Select…


The Steelers will soon be on the clock, but who will the ultimately select when that time comes?

NFL Draft guru, Mike Mayock, released his mock draft on Wednesday and boy it’s a doozy this year.

The full list is further down the page, but let’s get to the meat of it all – the Steelers first rounder.

With the 22nd pick of the draft Mike Mayock has the Steelers selecting Byron Jones, cornerback out of Connecticut.

This is what Mayock had to say about the Steelers first pick of the draft:

"Jones blew up the combine, jumping farther in the standing broad jump than any human being ever did. Jones can play press corner or even free safety."

Not much to say. And really, you’re going to use the standing broad jump as the first response to the pick?

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I like Jones, and he indeed blew up the combine being the top performer of his position in the broad jump as well as every single other drill.

But, the combine is only a minor piece of the puzzle.

Jones is athletic and has the ball skills to be a solid corner in the league. He been noted as a man of good character and as ‘someone you want to cheer for.’ All well in good.

There’s one thing, however, that has always concerned me about Jones were the Steelers to select Jones.

Jones is noted as struggling in man coverage. That’s a big problem when it comes to what the Steelers need in their secondary.

I seriously doubt that Keith Butler will throw out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to coming up with defensive schemes each and every Sunday.

Butler will want to continue with edge rushing the quarterback and using Shamarko Thomas to press the middle of the field behind or at the second level.

Marcus Peters out of Washington is still on the board at this point and has him going to the Ravens as the 26th pick. I’m curious as to why he really thinks that teams like the Dolphins, Niners, and Steelers would pass on Peters.

I think if Peters, Kevin Johnson, and Trae Waynes are all gone by the 22nd that the Steelers would actually move on from any hopes of drafting a first round corner and pursue someone like Randy Gregory – whom Mayock has falling all the way to 32nd.

The Steelers will more than likely take a huge chance on a Top 10 talent like Gregory who is boom-or-bust based off of his off field issues over someone like Jones who is boom-or-bust based on his man cover skills in a league that demands that kind of coverage.

What do you think? Did Mayock get it right? Close, even?

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