4 Steelers who have already won their training camp battles

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Joey Porter is running up the Steelers depth chart

Expectations were rightfully high for Joey Porter after the Steelers drafted him. While he was a second-round pick, the Steelers turned down numerous trade-back offers to secure him. Add in the fact that no one would have blinked an eye had the team stayed pat and selected him in the first round, and Porter was always going to have a lot of hype.

To this point, Porter has looked the part of a potential first-round cornerback. Gifted with rare size and even rarer length, Porter fits the mold of what this team wants in an outside cornerback. While he has plenty of traits to work on, mainly his grabby nature and lack of turnover production, there is a real chance he starts earlier than thought.

Porter was a constant presence in training camp. His battles with George Pickens quickly became the talk of most of the fanbase. While I would argue that Pickens had the better results overall, Porter never let a bad play get into his head. Even when he was burned by a great play, he came back and made an even better one. A short memory is needed for cornerbacks.

He looked good against the Bills, and I now expect that one of the base outside cornerback spots belongs to him. Levi Wallace is a fine player and a steady presence on defense, but he seems like he will maintain that third role at cornerback. It seems like Porter will be baptized by fire this year, and I am excited to see how he responds this season.