Steelers players who are on the hot seat following the NFL Draft

The writing is on the wall for these Steelers as the NFL Draft brought in potential upgrades over them.
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Each year the NFL Draft provides some insight into what teams believe are weaknesses on their roster. They try and plug holes and find upgrades through the draft. The Steelers are no different and this draft class is full of talent. They were able to fill gaping holes and find value at positions with some question marks moving forward.

Training camp will magnify the select number of roster spots still up for grabs for Pittsburgh. These players are now on the hot seat and either at risk for losing their role on the team or even potentially their roster spot. It is a long time before the Steelers have to cut their roster down to the 53-man unit but keep these names in the back of your mind when practices in Latrobe kick off later this summer.

Connor Heyward could be in jeopardy after the Steelers offseason moves

Talk about a shocking move here by the Steelers if they were to cut Connor Heyward. He is the younger brother of Cam Heyward and it would be shocking if they released him while his older brother was still playing for Pittsburgh. Connor has been a quality special teams player and has played at tight end and running back before. There will be competition for him at both positions, so he will need to battle his way back onto the roster.

Pittsburgh could boot Mark Robinson off the team if he fails again

Linebacker was a sore spot for the Steelers after injuries piled up for the team last season. The club was aggressive this offseason and addressed this issue by adding names like Patrick Queen and Payton Wilson. That pushes someone like Mark Robinson further down the depth chart. This seems like his final shot to prove himself to the Steelers, and if he fails, he will be looking for another job.

Kyle Allen has a safe job overall, but they did sign an undrafted free agent

Right now, things seem pretty safe for Kyle Allen to make the final 53-man roster. He has a lot of NFL experience under his belt and would make a good enough third option. Don't write off undrafted free agent John Rhys Plumlee just yet. He would have to beat the odds, but if he could show explosiveness and maybe something similar to Taysom Hill, then he might have a shot.

The Steelers are showing DeMarvin Leal he is running out of time

Another late-round defensive lineman was taken by the Steelers. They took Logan Lee, and he is a good fit for the Steelers. DeMarvin Leal is someone who should be concerned by this move. Pittsburgh has been adding some defensive linemen in recent drafts, and Leal has not shown much improvement. If Leal fails to grow this training camp, then he might not make the 53-man roster.

Spencer Anderson could struggle to find a roster spot after the NFL Draft

There could be a couple of offensive linemen who could have direct ramifications resulting from the NFL Draft. The Steelers added three new rookies to the group in the first three rounds, so each of them should have a role. Spencer Anderson will be the player who struggles to make the team. He needs to show that he can play all three interior spots for the Steelers to stick around. If he succeeds, then it makes you wonder about the future of Nate Herbig.

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