Steelers worst moves of the offseason that will hold them back this year

It was a busy offseason for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but some bad moves could haunt them this season.
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It is not all sunshine and rainbows when you look closely at the Steeler's busy offseason.

Omar Khan has mostly been pushed as a hero figure in Pittsburgh since getting the General manager position. For the most part, he deserves a ton of praise for how he has crafted teams and drafted certain talents since taking the helm. Just because he has done some quality moves does not mean he isn't immune to some hiccups now and again.

This past offseason was full of activity from Khan, and some were good transactions while others could end up hurting the team this season.

It was another quality draft class by Khan and the front office, but they also were not able to upgrade certain positions across their roster. They also subtracted from certain positions of strength from last year and have downgraded them to question marks moving forward. Be on the lookout for some moves from this past offseason potentially ruining the Steelers chances.

The Steelers pure neglect to find a Diontae Johnson replacement

Many thought trading Diontae Johnson would open the door for another receiver to take his place.

The Steelers added an experienced starting cornerback in return for Johnson, but for the most part, they dealt him for little value. It seems like they just wanted to dump Johnson without having another quality receiver option waiting in the wings. This move could still lead to another signing or trade to replace Johnson, but each passing day puts more doubt out there.

Unless the Steelers somehow find an effective way to replace Johnson, this could be the worst move of the offseason.

Not cementing a reliable cornerback opposite of Joey Porter Jr.

Pittsburgh needed an upgrade at cornerback, not only in the slot but at the opposite corner of Joey Porter Jr.

It was a weak point on defense for the Steelers, but they at least tried to address this position this past offseason. Khan downgraded the receiver position to try and add some experience at cornerback with Donte Jackson from Carolina. He has not been great as a top cornerback throughout his career, but he brings plenty of starting snaps and should be a capable second outside guy.

Not adding a future plan on the defensive line this past offseason

Cam Heyward has been outspoken about wanting a new deal, or he is willing to leave in free agency next year.

That problem has only inflated the issue of the Steelers neglecting the defensive trenches for too long. They didn't add quality substance of youth this past offseason. They could always try and address the area next year, but that might be too little too late. If Heyward can't return to form and Larry Ogunjobi remains a disappointment, then the Steeler's defense will have holes up front.

Having two question marks at quarterback could sink Pittsburgh's season

We reach the real boom or bust portion of Pittsburgh's offseason with their quarterback situation. They at least tried to shake things up by bringing in both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. Both are guys looking to bounce back in different parts of their careers. The Steelers season is riding on one of them to bounce back in a big way to lead them to playoff success.

That is a big gamble to make, and if neither Wilson nor Fields show they can be the guy, then this season will be disastrous.

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