Boston Sports Icon Loves The Steelers

Finally, proof of intelligent life in Boston.

Could there be any two franchises more diametrically opposite than the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Boston Red Sox?

The Steelers have a history of excellence. They’ve won more championships than any other team in the NFL.  And the Red Sox?  They’ve managed to buy win two titles this decade but prior to 2004 their last World Series victory was NINETY YEARS ago.  Talk about droughts.

Dan Rooney is the most respected owner in all of sports. His Rooney Rule is a landmark achievement in the advancement of minorities in professional sports. Meanwhile, the Red Sox were owned for several decades by a bigot named Tom Yawkey. His racism was so profound that the White Red Sox didn’t field their first African American player until 13 years after Jackie Robinson made his debut.

The Steelers have always had Lady Luck on their side. Starting in 1972 when Franco Harris miraculously plucked a deflected football off his shoe tops to unofficially kick start what would become a Steel Dynasty. Meanwhile, the Red Sox have a history littered with bad bounces, bonehead plays, and unfortunate circumstances best exemplified by the 1986 World Series where they were one STRIKE from victory only to lose when a ball rolled between Bill Buckner‘s gimpy wickets.

When the Sox finally broke their Curse in the fall of 2004, one of the heroes was starting pitcher Curt Shilling. Curt pitched several key games on a bad ankle which had been operated on mere days before the start of the playoffs. Pitching crucial innings with fresh stitches bleeding through his sock, Shilling showed the guts and intestinal fortitude worthy of a Steeler. So it should come as no surprise that when WEEI in Boston asked him to defend his favorite football team, Shilling proudly proclaimed himself a member of Steeler Nation.

You can check out the full transcript of his “debate” with a Boston sports personality by clicking here.

Six rings. No cheating.  ‘Nuff said.